The Most Common Ailments faced by the Aged People

New discoveries and modern technology has contributed to the longevity of human lives world over. While in the earlier days,only a few people made it past 60 or 70, now it is common to see people celebrating their 90th or even 100th birthday. In its wake, longevity has also brought a lot of ailments, which need special care and attention. For, although people live to celebrate more birthdays, it is also true that the body of an 80yr old person is not the same it was when he was 60 or even 70.

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The health conditions of people naturally vary over the years with the bodily functions deteriorating with age. While good, healthy old-age-homes-orphanageseating habits and regular care of body can pre-empt most of the ailments, some health conditions occur sooner or later. Some of the most common ailments affecting the aged are heart ailments, stroke, arthritis, cancer and fractures due to accidents.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these:

Heart Ailments – The common heart ailments include hypertension, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, heart failure and the like. Following a healthy diet and regular exercise could help one to keep these ailments away for longer. In case one suffers from these ailments, the next best thing to do is to follow the medical advice and do regular check-ups.

Dementia – This is becoming a common problem in elderly people. Ailments like Alzheimer’s disease are on the increase. While physical fitness and activities helps to keepthese at bay, it is also important to exercise the brain and keep it active. Although some memory loss is natural in old age, keeping the brain occupied intellectually could help.

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Depression – It is not uncommon to find old people in a depressed state. Aged people often feel lonely and depressed because they don’t get to interact with people as often as they used to. In addition, the dependability factor could also be depressing for some of the aged people who were used to their independence. The key is to remain active as long as possible by taking genuine interest in things happening around.

Incontinence – Urinaryand bowel incontinence is another common ailment found in aged. This could be both frustrating and humiliating. However, thanks to new technologies and development, this need not be the case. One can use products like catheter and adult diapers to tackle the problem.

Diabetes – Another common ailment found among the aged, diabetes is often a silent killer. It is necessary to check your blood sugar levels at regular intervals and get medical help in case they are above limits. If unchecked, this could lead to damaged kidneys and other internal organs and even death.

Injuries from falls – As one gets older the body mechanism gets slower and weaker. The bones become fragile and easy to break in case of a fall. It is always better to hold on to something while climbing up/down, walking through uneven surfaces and the like. The walking stick could be a great aid.

Other issues like breathing problems, Parkinson’s disease, lack of sleep, Cancer, eye-sight and hearing problems are also found in the aged. Thankfully, almost all can be cured or controlled, especially if diagnosed early. So, if you are past 60, get yourself checked regularly.

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