Elder NRIs should do homework before Settling down in Kerala

Many of the Indians who settle abroad either with their children or due to their profession, want to return to their roots when they retire or get old so that they can spend rest of their lives peacefully in their motherland.

The US, UK and many European nations have very developed social security systems in place and Indians typically have queries about the corresponding system, rules and regulations here.

Problems faced by NRIs Settling in Kerala

In Kerala, several non-resident Indians (NRIs) come back with lots expectations but many times their dreams get shattered with bad experience while dealing with government agencies and hospitals among others.

Though Kerala has come a long way since independence in terms of industrial development, infrastructural advancements and new avenues for growth and investment, these NRIs will find it very difficult to adjust to the situation in the state as compared to the countries from where they come.

It should be remembered that with rapid growth and development, the basic amenities that they are used to at overseas location like access to world-class healthcare, global brands, efficient on-line shopping facilities, high-quality housing are now available in Kerala as well.


The first thing these NRIs should do is to decide where to stay or selecting the area where they want to settle down by either by buying a flat or constructing their own house.

As the cities in Kerala are expanding rapidly, housing projects are increasing by the minute, and one can make a choice even before landing in India just at the click of a button. Thanks to the omnipresence of real estate sector in the cyberspace, the choice can be narrowed down.

Medical facilities:

The medical facilities in India are rated as one of the best in the world and Kerala is a leading provider of excellent medical services. The high disposable income and health awareness among the people have triggered the exponential growth of very high-quality healthcare service in the state.

Problems faced by NRIs:

Despite the above-mentioned development and facilities, many NRIs face numerous problems when they settle down in Kerala.

The first problem these NRIs have to encounter is the numerous hurdles in the government departments for getting a ration card, driving license, Aaddhar card, election card, electricity and water connections to the new house. However, with the state turning to digitalization, these should be easier in future.

Another major problem they may face is the exorbitant labor charges. The worst part is the ‘Nookku Kooli’ or the hefty payments just to supervise the work without doing any job. Life becomes miserable also with the frequent ‘Bandhs’ and ‘Hartals’.

Frequent traffic jams on city roads force people to spend a major part of their life on the crowded city roads. There traffic discipline is low and people, especially youngsters, drive crazy.

In addition, driving on the state highways is extremely dangerous as the private bus drivers drive as if they are participating in a racing event. They do not care about small vehicles.

However, these NRIs can settle down in Kerala peacefully if they do some homework before settling down here.

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