What is NRIservicefirst.com?
It is one of its kind services wherein the medical needs of the aged parents of NRIs are taken care of. We provide qualified persons to accompany them on their visits to hospitals, labs and other medical needs. We will fix the appointments, take them along as well and do chores like running around collecting the reports and paying medical bills and the like.

Do you offer home nurse services?
NRIservicefirst.com is not a home nurse service provider. We are more or less like the bystander that you take along with you to the hospital. We do everything to make the visit easy and quick. However, we do not offer nursing or other services.

Do you offer medical services?
No, we do not offer medical services. We are mere facilitators who help you to get the medical assistance easily. We take up the routine tasks and schedule your visits so that you don’t have to run behind various specialists on the day of your hospital visit.

Do you provide medicines?
No, we don’t provide medicines. However, we do help you to procure your medicines and can deliver the medicines at your doorstep.

Do you offer the services to all old people?
At present, the service is limited to the parents of NRIs who will sign up for our membership.

Is your service available all over Kerala?
Yes, Our Services will be available all over Kerala. Membership will be launched in a phased manner based on registrations in a particular District. We offer only limited number of Memberships to maintain our service delivery quality. Registered members will be informed much in advance about the launch of services at their home locations.

How can I avail your services?
Visit our membership page for details more details. Alternatively, you can contact us by email and clarify your doubts.

Is the service available to all family members (wife/husband, kids, siblings etc)
We have envisaged the service as a specialised care-giving venture to cater to the medical needs of aged parents of NRIs. At present, the services are limited to them and do not cover other relatives like spouse, children or siblings.

Is there any loyalty program if we opt for your services for a longer period?
Currently, only two membership schemes are available. We could offer other schemes and loyalty programs in the future.

What is included in the packages?
Currently we have Gold and Silver Membership Packages. Services offered vary according to the package preferred. Please visit our Membership page for more details.

What happens to our payment if we decide to opt out of the scheme mid-way?
You can discontinue your membership in between with conditions. Please read our Cancellation Policy for more details.

For all your queries, mail to us @ info@nriservicefirst.com or
call us on +91 890 719 81 67.