Home medical care services for elderly parents

Home medical care services for elderly parents from NRIservicefirst

“Loneliness is my least favorite thing about life. The thing that I’m most worried about is just being alone without anybody to care for or someone who will care for me.”  Anne Hathaway

Medical care service for elderly parents

Aging is a slow irreversible process in the life of all living things. As the life expectancy increases the number of the elderly people increases in the society. India will have 20% of its population above the age of 60 by 2050. In Kerala the old age dependency ratio (seniors/working people) has reached a high figure of 16.5.

Caring for aging parents in India

When we become old, we will lose independence in many of our activities. Youngsters should be ready to give moral support to the elderly parents to ward off the loneliness creeping in to their minds. The aging will bring along a number of unexpected medical problems. There is the government sponsored NPHCE scheme which is aimed at the elderly parents. There are many private hospitals and agencies to help the needy elderly parents. But for NRIs they are not in a position to offer immediate help to their parents in case of medical emergencies. The NRIservicefirst is an agency which can help such dependent parents.

NRIservicefirst and elder care in Kerala

The NRIservicefirst, based in Cochin caters to the needs of the lonely parents of the NRIs. The home nurses and maids can take care of their daily routines. However, in case of medical emergencies external help will be needed to take appointments with the doctors and the testing laboratories, arrange transportation, collect reports and procuring medicines. If you are a member of the NRIservicefirst, they can give your parents the necessary assistance. The agency presently offers support for Medical Consultation, Laboratory Investigation and Medicine Delivery. Other services being planned are support for Medical Emergency and In-patient.

Senior home care services

The aged have to face a lot of problems as they are dependent on others in the family for their daily routines. Attending to the medical emergencies of a dependent parent is more tedious if you are an NRI. If you can hand over the responsibility to a reputed agency your job is half done. The NRIservicefirst with branches all over Kerala is the best to take care of the medical needs of your aging parents.

How to become a member of the NRIservicefirst?

The membership is open to the founders only presently and will be available for the public soon for a fee of Rupees 87,562 for Gold and Rupees 32,480 for Silver memberships. To register as a member, go to the membership page of the site NRIservicefirst.com and follow the instructions. There is also provision for withdrawing the membership.

For NRIs the best way to give medical care service for the elderly parents left alone in our country is to be a member of the NRIservicefirst. For answers to all your queries regarding the services offered visit www NRIservicefirst.com immediately.

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