Old Age – How To Spend Time Effectively

As the ‘inevitable’ old age approaches, the main challenge one might encounter is ‘Old Age- how to spend time effectively?’

A retired man, who was ‘breathlessly busy’ just until the previous day of his retirement, suddenly finds he has abundant time. So lavish, that he is unable to comprehend what to do. He may, for  the first time,  would  realize that  enormous work is being  done by the home maker to run the house hold, had so much of contents in  the Magazines  he has been paying for and was only glancing through and also the  ‘n number’ of channels available in his own TV set.

Well, when all the little surprises are done with, he should settle down and submit himself to find out ways and means to effectively and qualitatively utilize the time on hand.

He can always attempt for a full/part time job similar to the one he has been engaged in.

The other simple options available are:

In old Age – How To  Spend Time Effectively?

  • Be more active in Resident Associations (also take up positions)
  • Those in 55-70 age can form a group or even personally can set out to extend a helping hand for the needs of the 70+ category who might be living in the same place – like reading out the News Papers for them, escort them to doctor/hospital, buy them their quota of medicine.
  • Take tuition to children not necessarily on their subjects of study but also can impart knowledge on different aspects of life like good habits, improving reading and developing their skills, self discipline and patriotism, which would improve his quality of life
  • Ladies can offer to look after/engage the children whose parents may be busy with their work schedule. They can also impart lessons on traditional cookery, tips on household chores, cultural and humane values to the ‘new-gen’. They can offer to make a dish or two when a common social function happens.
  • Try to manage a “we help” group (with external manpower if required) to offer assistance to residents for tasks like payment of bills.
  • If computer proficient, they can help to pay Bills on line, book railway tickets through IRCTC.
  • Computer literate can also engage part time online activities like content writing, consultation and more.

 The less healthy and those staying in solitary houses can…

  • Engage in light reading if eyesight permits or resort to electronic reading gadgets like ‘Kindle’.
  • Occupy oneself in simple puzzles like Sudoku, jigsaw puzzle (now jumbo-sized 6’x3’ are available) painting, and stitching/embroidery if eyesight permits.
  • Get the help of organizations like BSS (Bharat Sava Samaj) or similar NGOs who have number of projects to help the aged to occupy time and also to mobilize income

Share knowledge on spirituality, art, music, painting, science and history of great Indian and international leaders with others, especially children. This will not only help in their studies but will also instill a sense of patriotism in their mind at a very young age itself.

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