How to prepare for your parents who are visiting US from India

You parents decide to visit you in the USA. You spend a lot of time preparing for their visa, and they spend a lot of time preparing goodies and snacks for you. But once that is done, you don’t prepare as much for what they are going to do when they reach the country.

As a result, parents get terribly bored during their stay. There are several things that you can do to prepare for your parents who are visiting the US from India, and this is definitely a situation where a little planning can go a long way.


The first thing of course is the long flight. Non-stop flights can be more than 20 hours and a few flights can extend up to a day or more. It is not going to be comfortable for your parents, but in reality it isn’t as much an ordeal if you have a few smart tips up your sleeves.

  • Bringing their own entertainment onboard – load a movie or two or their favourite music on the laptop
  • Carry ear muffs and eye masks to make the journey less arduous
  • Bring a favourite book
  • Wear comfortable slip on footwear


If your parents are visiting, then you should definitely have the TV set up so they can see the same shows they were seeing in India. You may not get everything, but you can cover a lot of channels by researching thoroughly.


Even if you think your parents won’t move about much without you, it is better to get them a phone with a prepaid SIM card. You don’t want them in a situation where they are outside and don’t have an easy way to contact you. Also find an easy way for them to call India like Skype, so they can spend time on the phone without worrying about the bill.

Health insurance

Buying health insurance is quite necessary for parents because if they fall sick then the doctor bills in the US can be really substantial and you don’t want to go through that.

You can buy a plan very easily in the US.

Weekend getaways

It will most likely not be possible to spend a lot of time with your parents during the week when you have to go to work, but you can plan the weekends so you see something new every weekend.

Weekday activities

If your parents did something regularly in India then try to find the equivalent in the US. The other side of this is to try out new things which they never did in India, but are easily accessible in the US.

Visiting friends and relatives

Social interaction is what parents miss the most when they are in the US, and if you have friends or relatives near your place that you can arrange lunch and dinners with that’s another good option to spend time pleasantly.

If you prepare well in advance, you’re parents will look forward to their trips to the US. Plan well and enjoy your time with them.

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