The 10 major problems faced by the elderly

Although old age seems to be the best time to draw upon your experiences and enjoy life carefree, in reality it seldom happens that way. Come old age, people are bombarded with problems – some physical, some psychological and some spiritual.

Here are the top ten problems faced by the elderly and the possible solutions for them

  1. Failing Health – This is the most common problems of all. It is said that we start dying the moment we are born. All our body parts and we ourselves come with an expiry date. The best thing one can do is to take care of the machine and keep it in prime condition. In most cases, the reward will be a healthy body, which, in turn, leads to a healthy mind.
  2. Economic insecurity – The moment one stops earning (for a vast majority even before that), financial insecurity creeps in. For a person who had been earning all his life, the very prospect of retirement and being jobless is scary. The best way to tackle this anxiety is to provide for sunset years while you earn. A penny saved during the earning years could be like a penny earned during old age.
  3. Isolation – The fear of isolation hounds old people. One should try to be inclusive and help other people help you. Instead of feeling excluded, go out there and participate in everything.
  4. Neglect – On of the biggest worries of age can be neglect. Ensure that you are not neglected by being cordial and reasonable with the people around you.
  5. Abuse – There has been cases when old people are abused – for their money or due to their helplessness/dependability. The best way out of this is to ensure that you have a protective ring of people around you. Family and friends you can trust and count upon.
  6. Fear – Undue fear could set in during old age. Only loving reassurance and care can get rid of this problem.
  7. Boredom – This is usually the result of idleness or lack of occupation. Resolve to be usefully occupied and use time to do things that you have always wanted to.
  8. Lowered self-esteem – There is a chance of low self-esteem creeping in, especially if the aged person has become dependable on others. The only way around this problem is holding on to self-confidence. Believe in yourself and your capabilities.
  9. Loss of control – Old age is synonymous with loss of control in most cases. The young blood would have taken over and it might not be easy to come to terms with that. Respect yourself and others and soon others will respect you for what you are.
  10. Lack of Preparedness for old age – Mostly, people are under prepared for being old. It would be better if one could prepare oneself for old age mentally and physically once he crosses the threshold of active work life. Consider retirement as an opportunity to stop and smell the flowers and enjoy the life. That way, old age will never take you by surprise.

Apart from these common problems, there could be unique problems in the lives of every elderly. The trick is to understand that the wear and tear would affect the performance and move ahead accordingly.

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